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 ~The Epic Game!~

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PostSubject: ~The Epic Game!~   ~The Epic Game!~ Icon_minitimeSun Sep 14, 2008 4:45 pm

~The Epic Game!~

Before any one gets offended at what they are about to read, keep in mind, this is all just in humor, my actuall thaughts on the Factual charichters used in this, are not so harsh and rash, But, if you can get past al of that, and simply enjoy this piece i have written up, that is up to you.

I hope you enjoy <3

I own none of the chirichters in this Parody/fanfic. But I own the Idea....as little as thats worth, it is mine >_>...


After years and years of talk…

Years of rumors, that never were quite reliable…

This topic had escalated to the point of Quite possibly becoming the Number one moast talked about think in America… no

the World.

All of the "important" people stood in a large circle. Behind them, the "Less important". And so on and so forth. World leaders had come to Discus this verry important moment in worlds history.

A Older Asian gentleman walked to the center of the stage, takeing a few Formal bows, his translater walked to his side, and the old man began to speak, and the younger gentleman Translated.

"Greetings, we have come here, today, to discuss a verry important moment, this moment will be remembered, from generations to come… you see…"

he had to pause and brush the swet from his brow.

"Square Enix is Remakeing Final fantasy Seven, and there is many complaints about the game thease past years.".

already there was a fuss.

"Il tell you what was wrong with it". An older man took the stage, dressed in suit and looking just dandy.

"Ah, Former president Bush"

"That's right… you see, I played Final fantasy seven…" he looked to his not so supportive supporters. "And I must say… I didn't think , that Shinra and Avilanches goal, were correct, instead of fighting each other for the sake of saveing the planet, they should have both been fighting for the Mako, NO!" he corrected himself, raising a hand of apology. "Over…..the Mako".

This brawt murmures and a arabic fellow quickly stood up. "Changing that would change what I liked moast about Avelanch!" his English was horribly broken, and he spoke mutch to fast. "the fact that a small group could terrify such a massive Company!.

There was even more shouting!, and some one had to speak up to calm every one.

"now…now, I agree with Bush". A older man stood up, wearing a bizar , almost sinister grin on his Face, as Mc-cain also took to the stage. "I felt the war between Avelanch and Shinra, Didn't have enoph depth to it!".

The Crowed was furious, and argueig amongsed themselves, it literly took a half hour just to calm them down. Hillary standing up , and saying "All my Votes go to bush!"

"Well… Mr Bush, Mr Cain, I aprieciate your constructive critisism… but, the main plot of this game was not Shinra and Avelanch, if you watched Advent children one and two, you would have seen this… did you even PLAY Crisis core?, the only game that made any typ of use of Avelanch, was the playstation game, and it didn't even last threw one disck, it was just part of a bigger plot". The old mans translator said before "shooing them off the stage.

"Well. We heard from the US, lets move to-"

"Now just a moment sir"

Another man form the US corner stepped up. "Indeed, US did speak, but im afraid our Former presedent dosent reprosent the Minority's of this contry". A dark skinned man stepped into the stage, and took his bow.

"Mr Obama?" th Translater asked, and Obama snatched p the Mic. "You see… this , "Game". Has many quality's to the state the US is in now… and like that, I think it needs Change". Making good use of the stage area he was given, he paced about.

"another thing that disgusts me about this game, is the Racism, Hidden in plain sight". He shook his head. "Notice, Barret Wallice, the ONLY main African American charichter… and he is the ONLY main charichter with a Phisical disability!". The crowed Gasped, and there were cheers from his supporters. "And Aeireth, the ONLY Anciant alive, KILLED!". He then turned, pointing the finger at the old man. "Sir, I think your game must be reworked to Strengthen the Minority!".

Hillary standing up , and saying "All my Votes go Obama!"

The translater, calm and collected, plucked the mic from Obamas hand. "Mr Obama… if your problem with Barret is he is disabled… take a look at the Shinra solders, none were black, moast were Killed… Aerith being the last Anciant is Essental for our story line… and Barrets …White…Friend Dine, also had a severed arm, Trust me, the Alegid "Minority". Have it the best, I asure you".

With a Sigh, the man walked back, annoyed that no one saw his point, and giving a bow before seating himself. And again, Bush decided he needed to speak again.

"I had a talk with God the other day, an-"

"No, Just NO". the asian man spoke, his translater looking astonished, "If I wanted to make a Video game for god, I would talk to him my self". The man crossed his arms, and the entire crowed went Silent.

it was then, all the lights blew out, and every one was at first, frightend, then, confused, but all there questions that were running threw there heads, were finally answered.

A bright light illuminated form the entrence, as a single man began walking to the stage, his stride carried confedence, his shoulders carried years of exspieriance on topics like this. Games that have yet to be made, his smug grin beckond to the Anialation of everything evil, Finally…a savior.

Jack Thompson stepped up, and casting his hands aside, every one staired in awe. "This game…. Should not Exsist, The Threesum between Arith Cloud and Tifa is TOO MUTCH for a game Rated Mature or Teen!".

Already, everyones exspectation fell…

"Listen, I have knowledge on this kind of thing… your teaching children that if they get there arms shot off, to attack a gun to it!, your teaching old men with a chip on there soldier to live bitter lives, and its FUN?, Shame on you Square Enix, Shame, On, YOU!"

Silence once again, but one was brave enoph to speak up!.

"All my Votes go to Jack Thompson!"

but after that, there was the shattering of glass, that rained down around the Studio, as a single angelic figyer Decended from the heavins, and down to the bickering crowed, his mear presence both swallowed all the light around him, and yet shined brighter then any light, his face, cold and confedent, and when he landed before a bewildered Hillary, he spoke one word, his voice was calm, yet filled with enoph authority to lead a entire army to there moast sertin death, as they would chose that then aposing him. His one word rolled off his tongue like water dose a stone, effortlessly, and his stair was enoph to petrify the mightiest of men. And Hillary's skin already became pail as she could feel the words he spoke cross her ear…

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Then I guess that makes you...

~The Epic Game!~ Horatio-Caine-discovers-a-Traitor

...cock eyed.

~The Epic Game!~ Yeaaaaah

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~The Epic Game!~
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