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Makoto Nanaya
Makoto Nanaya

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PostSubject: Assassin's Creed   Assassin's Creed Icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 9:20 pm

Subject # 21 - Dianthe, Acacia
Guimarăes Facility - Portugal

-...Miss Dianthe? Miss Dianthe, wake up!- the voice of a middle aged man, calling out in the darkness. There's the sound of heavy machinery, computers, and monitors. When she wakes up, Acacia has no clue of where she is or how she got there. Standing before her, a man in lab coat holds a chart and a pen. He makes some annotations.

"Where am I?" she mumbled drowsily, her vision slowly opening to the...very small world around her. When her eyes focused on the man, she seemed to become more fearful and aware, "Who are you?"
-Ah! So you've finally regained consciousness. Very well, then; let us proceed immediately.-

Turning around, the man gestures his assistant to approach; a young-looking guy attired with a messy business suit; handsome, though his luster is dimmed by the thick-rim glasses and his scruffy hair.

He approaches Acacia and stutters while he speaks.

-M-miss D-d-d-d-Dianthe! Right t-this way, p-p-p-please.-

Acacia's widened eyes bounced around, trying to find some means of escape, "What is this place?! What do you want?!"

-Oh, c'mon, miss Dianthe! Would you rather go back to your boring juries and your petty monotonous life? You're helping us change the world!-
-I-i-i-it's okay.- the man's assistance reassured her as he offered her his hand -You're within one of A-a-a-Abstergo's most important c-c-complexes.-

She played with the loose coat she'd been wearing in the winter weather outside prior to this. That's right. The last thing she remembered was walking from the carpark in the silent, cold winter. It was snowing and she was trying to get to her apartment.

Hesitantly, she accepted his hand and followed. She was frightened, but also curious. What was this about?

-Shall we begin, then?- the man in lab coat urged impatiently.
He seemed to be making some arrangements on a computer screen next to a strange looking device, which looked like some sort of physiotherapy bench. Lit terminals had been arranged on it to accommodate her head and fit her spine along them.

"What is that?!" she asked coming to an immediate halt, almost backing up away from it.

-It allows us to record and simulate the genetic memory contained within your DNA.- the man in lab coat explained.

Acacia seemed to calm down a bit, but was still skeptical. How did she know that was the truth? For all she knew, this could not have anything to do with what they claimed.

"So...run this through to me again," she said, her voice steadying and firm, "Who exactly are you? Where are your credentials?"

The man and his assistant exchanged concerned glances.

-Oh, for goodness sake! Explaining all this should be a grunt job!-
-C-c-c-calm down. She mu-mu...must be scared.-
-Jeez, Einstein! What made you come up of such an intricate deduction? Maybe the fact she was kidnapped? That we're keeping her hostage to run our little experiments?-
-Y-y-y-you're not he-helping...-

She smirked smugly and took a step back, "Hmmm, I don't think I wanna go through with this. You don't seem very legit."
-Fine, then...- the man in lab coat muttered petulantly -We can't force you to do anything you don't want to. GUARDS!-
-W-w-w-wait!- the assistant intervened as the sound of automatic doors opening reached their ears from somewhere nearby -L-l-l-listen!- he called out to Acacia -Th-th-these people will k-k-ki...- he took a deep breath and squinted his eyes, trying to arrange his ideas –These people will kill you if you don't cooperate.- he finally managed.

Alarmed, she was trying to keep her eyes on everyone in the room, staying away from them. It was impossible; she was surrounded.

"What do you really want?!" she screamed trying to fend off the guards, "TELL ME!"
-ENOUGH!- the assistant yelled to the top of his lungs, which surprised even his boss -Get away from her! Let me explain the situation and she'll cooperate!-

Approaching, the assistant took a few small steps towards her.

-L-listen to me, Acacia; I will explain everyth-th-thing.- he pulled the unbuttoned collar of his shirt and then wiped a few beads of sweat from his forehead -You, Acacia, are an assassin.-

For a moment, everything seemed to stand still and all sound ceased. It was like in a movie, except without the dramatic music and the pounding heart sounds in surround sound.

"Run that by me again?" she finally said, her green eyes dilating in confusion; did she just hear that right?

-W-w-well, not you, really...- the assistant adjusted his glasses - Your ancestors were assassins, hence why we're only interested in your genetic memory. There's something we need to find in your predecessors' past, something that’s of dire importance to us.-

He took a deep breath, speaking and enunciating as best as he could so he wouldn’t stutter.

-My name is Enrick Schwinn; this here is professor...-
-I don't see how she knowing my name will help us in our research!- the professor spoke suddenly, interrupting.
-Y-y-yeah, in any c-c-case...we're the head researchers at this facility, and the ones responsible of supervising and recording your progress.-

She felt like she could trust this "Enrick Schwinn", but logic would naturally tell one to be cautious. It's not like she had much of a choice, though. She stepped closer to the assistant, her eyes moving between both him and the professor, "What do I have to do?"

Enrick turned around and gestured the guards to go away. So they did.
-A-a-all you have to d-d-do is lay down on the Animus and relax. The machine will do the rest.-
-Finally! We can get some work done today…- the professor muttered as he finished the last preparations on the Animus.

She was clearly terrified of the machine. She stayed frozen in front of it, examining its details.

"Will it...hurt?" she asked, her voice wavering.

-N-n-not at all; though you might feel...hmmm...h-how should I put this...a temporary "d-d-d-displacement" of reality.-

She nodded, deciding to put some trust into him and lay down on the machine like instructed. She kept watching the professor and assistant's movements, waiting for it to start...whatever it was.

-Alright then!- the professor announced eagerly -Begin!-
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Makoto Nanaya
Makoto Nanaya

Number of posts : 452
Age : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Assassin's Creed   Assassin's Creed Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 1:30 pm

334 B.C. ~ Egypt

The young Egyptian girl took small, smooth steps, moving lithely within the palace. In her arms she carried a stack of pearl white clothes. She was instructed to bring them with her to his highness when she was called to him.

Her skin was golden like the sun, her hair darkest in the land and her eyes bright green. Her features and the way she carried herself spoke feline wherever she went. She'd been born of royal blood and it showed. Perhaps it was the reason behind why the new ruler kept her around.

This new ruler was disgusting and utterly repulsive. Mostly because of his sleaziness, but also because he simply wasn't the vision of a handsome man the Egyptians had idealized for themselves.

Or maybe it was the man she secretly slipped away with in any chance she got...

Entering the room quietly, Nafretiri bowed in front of the man who had public claims over her, presenting the clean sheets and kept her head low.

"Your majesty."

Egypt's satrap under Darius III's rule, Sabaces, was an imposing man of strong build; his facial features as Persian as his own vestments.

-Ah, you're finally here.-

With his back to her, Sabaces faced the open balcony which overlooked most of the city below.
Looking at her over his shoulder, a smug smile on his expression revealed his intentions.

-Come here, my sweet.-

She learned early not to hesitate when he told her to do something. She was to her feet, gracefully closing their distance. Now standing beside him, she waited for his next move, or order, whichever happened first.

As soon as she was within his reach, he lifted his hand and caressed the tenderness of her cheek. He then wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her closer to himself, their pelves touching.

-Your eyes...- he whispered as the tips of his fingers trailed across the contour of her brows -They're the most beautiful throughout the land; you… are the most beautiful.-

He kissed her wildly and fondled her thigh.

She got so flustered when he did this; she hated it. It made her skin crawl. Though, it was good for her that he usually took it as her enjoying it. To him, her face going red with embarrassment was a blush and her shaking was taken as overwhelming pleasure and passion.

She looked away; that too would be misinterpreted. If it was her eyes that drew him to her, she wished not to have them...

-Sire.- a voice spoke from the threshold of the room's entrance. It was Jahi, Sabaces’s chief servant.
-What is it?!- the sovereign inquired, more like a reproach than an actual question.
-Lord Darius's messengers have arrived. They say it's important.-
-Tcht...tell them I'll be there in a few.-
-Sire, they say it's REALLY important.-

Sabaces rolled his eyes and looked down at Nafretiri.

-Alright, I'm on my way. You, my dear, stay here; I'll be back shortly.-

With that, Sabaces kissed her one more time and then took his leave. Jahi came into the room a few moments later.

-Are you alright?- he inquired.

Ever since she had come to live with them, Jahi had taken a special liking to Nafretiri, almost as if she had been his own daughter.

She sat down on one of the cushioned chairs on the balcony and let out a deep sigh, "Yes...for the moment. Do you know what the urgency is?"
-Something about the Macedonians being on the move; it seems that their leader, Alexander III, has set out on a campaign to topple the Persian Empire. It is rumored that he managed to defeat a large amount of Persian forces at a crossing of the Granicus River.-

She sighed again, this time a bit irritated. She stood and paced, watching the world below the balcony, "Great. That means another horny man to put his hands all over me?"
-I don't know, but I don't think this man's quest will succeed. The Persians are a force to be reckoned with and it'll take more than a single victory to bring down Darius's vast empire.-
"You never know," she said, placing her hands on the railing of the balcony. She looked over her shoulder at him, "My people had the same type of thinking...and now look where their princess is."

Jahi's eyes acquired a compassionate luster about them.

-By the way, princess…I've got a message for you. So...maybe you should be at the gardens tonight after midnight, and make sure you aren’t followed.-

She turned away from him, unable to contain her smile. Her lips, decorated in sparkling silver color, carried the fluttering of her heart as her thoughts immediately went out to the man with sun shown skin, crimson speckled dark eyes, and gentle features. His highness was rough with her, wearing her down, even hurting her, but the man she really loved...left her with unspeakable pleasures she could still feel even when they were far apart and filled her with power. He was her only reason for living in such a dirt position; she would've preferred a commoner's life.

-And so, I should take my leave as well. Be brave, Nafretiri; better times are coming.-

With a respectful bow, Jahi moved towards the exit, never turning his back to her, and then left.

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Makoto Nanaya
Makoto Nanaya

Number of posts : 452
Age : 32
Location : Look
Job/hobbies : Behind You
Registration date : 2008-09-15

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PostSubject: Re: Assassin's Creed   Assassin's Creed Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2009 12:09 am

…………*Fast forwarding to a more recent memory*

Nafretiri, as always, took care in this matter. She made absolutely sure that Sabaces was at bed and anyone she knew would squeal was nowhere near.

Even in haste, her steps and movements were graceful and even. She was eager to be close to him again, eager even just to look at him. As she descended the stairs into the garden, she lifted the light white fabric of her night gown, avoiding dirtying it.

Making a round about the garden, she waited for him to reveal himself. It wasn't long before she stepped by one of the pillars and he grabbed her from behind with loving arms. She giggled quietly as she found herself spun to face him and then taken up in a passionate kiss. There were no words between them for a long while. They stayed within the shadow of the pillar, exchanging affections and savoring the brief moments they were allowed to each other.

"I have missed you so much..." she whispered to his ear finally.
"And I you," his eyes seemed to stand out in the darkness, especially with how his hair had been growing a considerable length.
She sighed contently, staying within his embrace, "Thank almighty Ra for these moments..."

He smiled, proud to hear her praise the gods that must still watch over their people; they were still alive, right?

"One day, Ra will deliver you to freedom, Nafretiri," he held her chin between his fingers, his gaze unwavering as he spoke, "This is but a test...a trial."

She was pulled into another passionate kiss, his hands wandering her warm skin, radiating heat like it was another sun. To him, she was glowing in the moonlight, especially those piercing green irises like the brightest emeralds of Egypt.

"I hope Ra will...deliver us all." she breathed the words fluidly in his ear, nibbling on it playfully.

-Ra won't save you.-

Sabaces's voice seemed to be coming from all directions. Suddenly, the hasty footsteps of guards resounded throughout the gardens. It was just a matter of seconds before Nafretiri and her lover were completely surrounded; the light of the torches waving upon their frightened faces.

As expected, Sabaces emerged from the rows of Persian guards carrying a torch himself; although, there was another fire burning within his own eyes.

-No one can.-

Nafretiri's heart beat hard against her chest. Every part of her being screamed out to Ra for help. Even if she had to die, just as long as he lived...

She wanted to speak, say something, anything! But what really was there to say? It's not like there was any way of talking through this...they were both probably going to die for this.

"I love you," she said to her lover in their language and looked to him sorrowfully; this was a mistake. They should've stayed away from each other...
-What's this?!- Sabaces bellowed -You won't even ask me to spare your life? Do you spite me so much you’d rather choose death over my own affection?!-

She was hesitant before closing her eyes; she refused to show her tears.

"Would it make a difference?" she finally spoke, still not looking at him.

The fire in Sabaces's eyes became a raging inferno.

-Did I not give you everything you wanted? Did I not treat you like a princess? IS THIS HOW YOU REPAY MY KINDNESS AND LOVE?!-

By this point, many of Sabaces's servants were peeking out their windows or simply came out into the garden to get a closer look at what was going on. Jahi was among them.

She shook from his booming voice. She knew what was coming; she just couldn't stand how slowly it was taking to happen.

Soon, she fell to her knees and hid her face in her hands. She couldn't hide her crying; she hated this powerless feeling.

"Then grant me a final gift and free him. I...I will remain loyal and swear myself to you willingly...if you let him live." she looked up at him with her emerald eyes shining from the tears.

Sabaces glared down at her with disgust.

-You will swear yourself to me willingly, alright; death is too much of a generous punishment for you.-

He snatched her violently by the wrist; his guards taking hold of her lover.

-I'll make sure those beautiful eyes of yours never see another man again. But first...-

Gesturing some his men to approach, Nafretiri was restrained and then forced to look at her beloved.

-Let these images be carved into your mind as a reminder!-
"NO!" she screamed and struggled against them, "Stop! Please!"

Her lover put up quite the struggle of his own, taking out about three of the guards before more flooded him and had to use joint effort to keep him bound.

"Please, have mercy!" she cried out, terrified.

-Swear to me!- Sabaces screamed to the top of his lungs, his hand clenching her lover's face aggressively -Swear to me that you are forever mine and NO ONE ELSE'S! SWEAR TO YOUR PAGAN GODS AND I WILL LET HIM LIVE!-

Her heart skipped a few beats as she screamed out, "I am yours! Forever! No one else's! Ra will see to it!"

Staring back at her, the flames in Sabaces's eyes went out with the assurance of relief.


He let go of the boy and stepped away.

-I'm a man of my word; I won't kill him.- he comforted Nafretiri.

Looking straight into her beautiful green eyes, he gave his next orders to his men.

-Castrate him; cut off his tongue and hands, then sew his eyes shut.-

In her desperation, Nafretiri threw her arms around Sabrace and pulled him into a deep kiss.

"Please, please, don't! Just release him...I am yours. I made my promise! Do not harm him!" she clung to him, the tears staining the white brilliance of her gown.

-Ah, my sweet...- he caressed her face gently and slipped a few strands of hair off her forehead -Do not concern yourself with this; you won't have to see any of it. Here, take a good look at my face.-

His men held her down again.

-Take a good look and engrave it into your heart. Tell me, do you love me? Will you be with me always, no matter what?-

There was a glint of sincere affection in his eyes.

The tears kept coming and she felt like her heart would explode in her chest. She answered through sobs, "Yes...I...I love you. I will. I just cannot bear knowing someone will suffer for my mistake! He is innocent...he doesn't deserve the punishment."

He kissed her lovingly and smiled kindly at her.

-You have beautiful eyes...- he said in an almost demented tone of voice, and in that instant, the world around them acquired black & white tones of gray. She saw, as if in slow motion, Sabaces's hand reach for the dagger in his belt. She saw him take hold of the hilt and bring it up with a swift motion. The blade's cold edge came down immediately and would've hacked her left eye out, shouldn't Jahi's steady hand have stopped Sabrace's own.

After disarming the Persian ruler with a skilled maneuver, Jahi took hold of the dagger and sliced both sentries' throats with quick swings. Then, he attempted to do the same with Sabaces, but only managed to grace his jugular.

-Guards!- the satrap called out to his men while backing away.
-Stay close to me!- Jahi instructed Nafretiri, taking hold of her hand and running in the opposite direction.

She felt herself being dragged away, her confusion and shock making her unable to keep up so well with him. What was going on?

Her eyes looked to her lover one last time and she called out a final "I love you" before she could no longer see him.

The guards were quick to gain up on them with sword in hand.

-Hold on tight!- wrapping her arms around his shoulders, he leapt onto a building's facade and began to climb up with amazing dexterity. Nafretiri could feel the muscles in his arms and body tense up. He was in terrific shape.

Many of the guards were unable to chase after them, but others found no trouble in following.

Was this really happening? This seemed too surreal! Jahi was always in a position of servitude, so she'd never pictured him with strength like this.

"Where are we going?!" she asked frantically and held on for dear life.
-Somewhere safe.- was all he replied.

Upon reaching the structure’s rooftop, Jahi allowed her to piggy-back ride him as they moved forward through the roofs of other houses and buildings, Sabaces’s soldiers still after them.

Gradually, the chase lead them to the higher levels of the city, ascending through rooftops and structures alike as they continued their escape towards the city outskirts. Finally, they were able to reach the top of a wealthy family’s state, which was well over three stories high. It was a dead end.

This was probably the farthest outside of the palace she'd ever been! Her eyes frantically searched for some route of escape; though if Jahi couldn't find one, what hope was there for her to do so?

She wiped her long, dark hair out of her face; it was wild from the chase and the strong winds tonight. Her gown was even tattered in a few places.

"Jahi..." she said, wanting to ask the obvious.

A few moments later, some of Sabaces's soldiers finally caught up to them; more reinforcements on their way.

-Stay back and do not interfere, no matter what.- Jahi instructed, bending down a bit so she could get off safely.

She hesitantly nodded and stood on her own feet now, "What are you going to do?"

Rushing at the guards, Jahi dodged the first strike and stripped the surprised guard of his sword only to impale him moments later. Afterwards, another one of the soldiers tried to come at Jahi from behind; yet, he was able to parry overhead, turn around to roundhouse slice his attacker. The remaining guards exchanged concerned glances, but their confidence was again reassured when more soldiers arrived.

Jahi backed away from them and stood beside Nafretiri.

"Jahi...thank you," she put a hand on his shoulder. This was the end, she was afraid, but somehow, she knew she'd get over it, "For everything."

Suddenly, the sound of a moving wagon on the streets below caught Jahi's attention.

-You can thank me later.-

With those words, Jahi tossed the sword he held at the sentries and then swooped Nafretiri off her feet, dragging her all the way to the roof's edge and leap blindly into the air.

A leap of faith.

"Jahi!" she screamed and clung tightly to him. She closed her eyes, utterly taken aback by this.

The sickening feel of vertigo only lasted but a few moments, and then, both Nafretiri and Jahi finally landed on the softness of a moving hay stack. The soldiers cursed and yelled behind them, and eventually were lost in the distance.

After getting over the shock of the fall, she looked to Jahi with widened eyes. She curled into a corner, looking at him, "Jahi...who are you really? No servant possesses this skill and strength."

Jahi looked around in search of any potential threats, speaking without looking at her.

-I'll tell you everything when the time comes; but first, we must get you somewhere safe.-
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Makoto Nanaya
Makoto Nanaya

Number of posts : 452
Age : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Assassin's Creed   Assassin's Creed Icon_minitimeSat Jan 02, 2010 12:39 am

............*Connection Desynchronized* ~

-Acacia? H-h-how are you feeling?- Enrick's voice reached her senses as she came back to "reality".

She shot back to consciousness shaking and tears running down her cheeks. She reached up to wipe the tears and looked at them on her hands, almost confused.

"What...was that?"
-T-t-that was...-
-Those were your ancestor's memories, which are stored in your DNA. Whatever it was you saw, it actually happened, it just happened a very long time ago.- the professor interrupted, making some annotations on his chart.
-Y-yeah.- Enrick confirmed.

"My ancestor...Nafretiri..." she sat up.

For some reason, she felt extremely restless, "What exactly are you hoping to find from this?"

-THAT is for us to know, and for you to better forget. We'll continue our session tomorrow. Until then, ta-ta!-

With that, the professor approached one of the electronic doors and left through it before it was closed shut behind him.

-H-h-h-here; let me show you to your quarters.- Enrick offered as he tread casually towards another door.

Shaking her head a bit impatiently, she followed without another word. Why bother? It's not like they were going to tell her much and struggling would just mean death.

*The next morning...*

-Rise and shine, miss Dianthe! Today's a great day for knowledge!-
The intervention of the professor's voice in Acacia's dreams was sudden and enthusiastic. He was already in the room by the time she woke up. Had he been watching her sleep for the past few minutes?

A bit weirded out by him and irritated to have her sleep cut short, she reluctantly sat up, "Alright...do I get breakfast or anything? I'm kinda hungry..."
-No time for such trivialities; c'mon, chop-chop!-

In that instant, Enrick came into the room carrying Acacia's breakfast on a tray.

-I-I-I hope you like them cooked o-oh-over.-
-Oh, for God's sake! We don't have time for this! The Animus beckons!-
-A-a-a-Acacia's going to need all of her strength if she's to e-eh-eh-endure more hours on the Animus.-
-Pfft! Fine! But be quick about it, I'm not getting any younger!-

Acacia rolled her eyes at the professor, but thanked Enrick with a weak smile, "Thank you..."

She sat on her bed again and quickly finished up her meal. The last thing she wanted was to hear that man whining like a child.

-B-by the way, Acacia. Have you experienced any kind of complications since yesterday's session?-

She shook her head, "No...like what? I've had a slight headache, but nothing too awful. Should I expect them?"

-Well...- Enrick adjusted his glasses and took a deep breath, thinking about what he was going to say -You see, previous subjects have experienced a few "side-effects" from prolonged exposure to the Animus. Some of these may include insomnia, hallucinations, bad dreams, schizophrenia, and loss of cognition.-

She paused and glared at him before giving him her half eaten food, "So, you're saying I should just let them kill me now, hm?"

Enrick seemed nervous with her response.

-N-n-n-no! N-not at all! Those subjects were...well...guinea pigs sounds too demeaning...m-my point is, y-y-you don't have to worry too much. The professor and I are well prepared for any ev-eveh...eventualities that might arise. You should be fine.-

"Should," she scoffed as she stood and walked past him, "Let's do this thing."

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Makoto Nanaya
Makoto Nanaya

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Are you sure...

Assassin's Creed Horatio-Caine-discovers-a-Traitor

...That wasn't a Tardis?.

Assassin's Creed Yeaaaaah

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