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 Memmber adds.

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PostSubject: Memmber adds.   Memmber adds. Icon_minitimeTue Sep 30, 2008 1:02 pm

Well, the little known fact about this site is that... It was created to keep the Bad role players out... Aka... the ones that create a God moddes charichterand cannot stick to the main plot, the kind that arenot quite up on there writing (and I notice im my spellig and grammer is ALSO, not up to par... >.>... but I am exscluded because I made up thease rules damn it) skills to create a un-enjoyable exspieriance for the other Role players.

Now now, im sure there good people and wonderfull to talk to, im not saying they should be shunned because of this!... just...shunned from the Site >_>...

As intresting as it is to have many people you dont know, and could get to know, I would prefer to keep the poor role players out. So, Ive devised a method of recruitment, if you want some one to join, simply link me to some of there writing, and if I like it, il say sure, and if not, il debate with you on why I dont want them on. im verry open minded, and if you think some one can learn to be better, and want them in, il may give them a shot.

This dose not mean I want Epic writers, who's Posts are like Poetry, and each post they muster, is more Epic in two parigraphs then Lord of the rings, or the Matrix. They dont have to be that good O.o...

I simply enjoy role plays, and it crushes me to see GOOD plots, ruined by BAD memmbers... =_=;

the Affiliation system will moast likly remain with only 1 site... seing as if I aply to a bunch of Sites, its possible for "them" to get in, and I dont feel like Banning memmbers for a crappy reason like. "Your just not good enoph".

I think ive said it all Very Happy cheers So, Enjoy!...il probly edit the Rules section after this >_>;...

Memmber adds. Reaps2_zpsq5jxgj9m

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Memmber adds.
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